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Glowing Nightmare Before Christmas Mask


Product Description

The Neon Nightlife Glowing Nightmare Mask is protected under copyright and is the exclusive property of Neon Nightlife LLC  

Rock this glowing mask at a masquerade, club, bar, party, concert, rave, or Mardi Gras

Want to stand out from the crowd?
It's the perfect ice breaker for singles. Regardless of where you are you'll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your beautiful neon accessory. It's definitely an eye catcher and will get you the celebrity style attention you desire at your next event, party, rave or club. Use the flash mode when you want to get a busy bar tenders attention and you'll find that you have your drink before everyone else. Trouble flagging down that late night taxi? You'll be noticed with this mask.

What's Included
-One light up mask
-Battery pack

One size fits all.

The Neon Nightlife team has performed tons of research & product development to offer the brightest glowing products in the industry. Our bright technology really makes a big difference when you're at locations that are not completely pitch black dark.

This is a PVC mask with some neon flare. The mask includes an elastic band to place around you head in order to hold it in place.

Each mask comes with a battery pack with a button that controls 4 modes (off, constant on, slow flicker, fast flicker). The mask has a 4 foot wire coming off the right hand side and runs to a small battery pack. Typically, you'd run the wire under/through your wardrobe and place the battery pack in your pants/shorts pocket. The small battery pack uses two AA batteries (not included) and lasts over 24 hours of continuous use. Please note that all glow wire battery packs in the industry make a slight high pitched tone and this is normal. For this reason, we've found that it is best to place the battery pack in your pants/shorts pocket to muffle the sound.

Age Recommendation
We recommend that a child be 12 years of age or older to use this product.

We offer a 90 day warranty on all products. If for any reason a product breaks under normal usage, we will repair or replace it.


Shipping Time Frames

Expedited Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 1-3 business days. Please contact us before ordering if you want the product overnight to ensure it's possible.

Priority Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 2-4 business days.

Standard First Class Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 5-10 business days.

Additional Shipping Details

Warranty Information

We offer a 90 day warranty on all products. If for any reason a product breaks under normal usage, we will repair or replace it.

Product Reviews

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  1. A hit!

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    I bought this with a few other light up masks for a group of friends to wear for a portion of the night at an EDM show. We grouped up and dominated the place! Was funny seeing people's reactions.

  2. This is a statement piece for sure

    4 Star Review
      Posted by
    This mask is pretty cool, particularly when wearing it in the dark. It's comfortable on the face and head with ample room for your nose and for blinking your eyes. The elastic band that goes behind your head is comfortable – it's a basic, non-adjustable stretchy band that will fit most heads. It stretches quite a bit. If you ever want to change it, you just have to cut it off and hand sew another one on.The top portion of the mask is white and the bottom is a cranberry color. Not sure why this is half and half. Perhaps it has something to do with the light tubes showing up better under certain color options.The power box is on a long cord so that you can run this under your clothing and keep the switch in a pocket where you can control it. There are three settings – constant on, flashing and fast blinking. I prefer the constant on position, personally.There is a humming or whistling sound when the lights are switched on but they do mention this in the product description. It can be annoying in a quiet place – like indoors, but outside, it won't be as noticeable.This takes two AA batteries (not included) and in the dark, looks phenomenal. Inside of the mask, there are zig zag stitched fishing line threads but they don't make indentations on your face. And above the eyes is the connection to the wiring cord for the control box. On the top forehead piece, there is a bit of foam that I think keeps the mask positioned the proper distance away from your skin.There's only one small thing I would change: adding air holes in the nostril area. The one thing that will stop me from wearing this in the annual NYC Greenwich Village Halloween Parade is breathing back hot air. Not having a vent near the nostrils makes this mask hot. But I can very carefully drill holes in this in the nostril area with my Dremel drill. If you choose to drill holes in this, make sure you do it from the front of the mask into it or you will damage the lighting tubes. I had to take a star off for lack of breathability but other than that, I really love this mask and I can't wait until Halloween to wear it.Also makes a nice prop for a horror film.High recommendation.I received a free or low-cost sample in exchange for my honest review.

  3. I'm a MF MONSTA!

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
     These are too cool.


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