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Creepy Saw Movie Jigsaw Puppet / Clown Cosplay Mask


Product Description

The Neon Nightlife Saw Mask is protected under copyright and is the exclusive property of Neon Nightlife LLC  

Rock this glowing, Saw Movie puppet / clown mask at a masquerade, club, bar, party, concert, rave, or Mardi Gras

Want to stand out from the crowd?
It's the perfect ice breaker for singles. Regardless of where you are you'll be getting tons of attention from others who are curious about your beautiful neon accessory. It's definitely an eye catcher and will get you the celebrity style attention you desire at your next event, party, rave or club. Use the flash mode when you want to get a busy bar tenders attention and you'll find that you have your drink before everyone else. Trouble flagging down that late night taxi? You'll be noticed with this mask.

What's Included
-One light up saw face mask.
-Battery pack
-PLEASE NOTE - Black hair wig is NOT included.

One size fits all.

The Neon Nightlife team has performed tons of research & product development to offer the brightest glowing products in the industry. Our bright technology really makes a big difference when you're at locations that are not completely pitch black dark.

This is a white Saw Puppet mask with some neon flare. The mask is plastic and includes an elastic band to place around you head in order to hold it in place. It also has openings in the eye and mouth area.

Each mask comes with a battery pack with a button that controls 4 modes (off, constant on, slow flicker, fast flicker). The mask has a 4 foot wire coming off the right hand side and runs to a small battery pack. Typically, you'd run the wire under/through your wardrobe and place the battery pack in your pants/shorts pocket. The small battery pack uses two AA batteries (not included) and lasts over 24 hours of continuous use. Please note that all glow wire battery packs in the industry make a slight high pitched tone and this is normal. For this reason, we've found that it is best to place the battery pack in your pants/shorts pocket to muffle the sound.

Age Recommendation
We recommend that a child be 12 years of age or older to use this product.

We offer a 90 day warranty on all products. If for any reason a product breaks under normal usage, we will replace it within 90 days.


Shipping Time Frames

Expedited Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 1-3 business days. Please contact us before ordering if you want the product overnight to ensure it's possible.

Priority Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 2-4 business days.

Standard First Class Shipping: 
Typically arrives within 5-10 business days.

Additional Shipping Details

Warranty Information

We offer a 90 day warranty on all products. If for any reason a product breaks under normal usage, we will replace it within 90 days.

Product Reviews

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  1. Lights are insane

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    I was looking for a good mask to wear for an event, as my buddies and I were looking to have some fun. This mask is fantastic. The lighted edge adds an unbelievable dimension to the mask's effect, and it's so much brighter than I expected. It looks great, fits well, and it even has different modes. One big issue with a lot of products such as this one is that the cord is too short. This is surely not the case with this product, as I am a 6' tall male and the cord reached all the way to my pocket just fine. Great product, great times.

  2. Five Stars

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    Love this. We wear them while playing night frisbee

  3. Five Stars

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    This mask is awesome! I have scared so many people with it, and can't wait for Halloween!!!

  4. Creepy Movie mask is a hit with the ladies

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    My friend and I bought these masks. He wore the Saw Movie mask in red and I wore the Guy Fawkes mask in aqua . We attended a big masquerade party. Let me tell you, this product is an amazing conversation starter. We were approached by tons of people all night long complementing us. I think we had the best masks out of about 200 people there. Most people who approached us wanted to take a photo. It's a really weird feeling to have tons of strangers approach you to take a photo with you. We felt like celebrities for the night. A bit of caution - this Saw Movie mask is really freakin’ creepy at night. You’ve been warned.The mask is made of plastic and has a white finish. There is a wire leading to the battery pack comes from the side of the mask. I was able to run the wire above my ear then under my shirt. I placed the battery pack in my pants pocket. The entire wire and battery pack was hidden except for the 6 inch area leading from my ear to the top of my shirt. My friend had long hair and was able to completely hide the wire with his hair when he wore it.The battery pack was easily stored in my pants pocket. The battery pack makes a slight whining sound when on. When I turned it on at home in silence, I thought I was going to have to listen to it all night. But luckily once it is placed in your jeans pocket you can barely hear it. Add the various sounds of a public location and the sound is completely unnoticeable.Longevity is great. It lasted hours with no loss in brightness on a single set of batteries.Overall, I would totally recommend this to anyone who likes attention from a creepy mask and wants to get noticed!

  5. Super Creepy

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    I found that while wearing this jigsaw mask that I could see very well. I was able to breathe good in the mask. The mask did fit me just fine. The elastic band that holds the mask on is not adjustable but being elastic it stretched very good and I had no problems wearing it. I thought that it might be a bit annoying with the wires on the inside by the eye holes but when I had the mask on it didn't bother me at all. All the functions worked on the mask by pushing one button that is on the battery case. I was expecting to hear some high pitched noise from the battery case since it was mentioned that it is normal to hear that but mine didn't make any noise in the beginning than after one of the battery changes it started to make the noise. It makes the sound as the light blinks or if on the steady setting than the noise will be continuous. The mask itself seems durable and looks like it will keep it's shape with no problem. The cord was plenty long enough for me to put the battery case in my pocket. Disclosure: I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  6. Love it! So fun!

    5 Star Review
      Posted by
    I absolutely love this light up Saw Movie mask! It says men's, but I don't see why you have to be a man to wear this mask. This mask lights up 3 different ways. It has a solid red mode, a slow red blink mode and a fast red blink mode. The battery pack takes 2 AA batteries and the batteries are not included. The cord from the mask to the battery pack measures roughly 43 inches in length so it can easily fit in your pocket or you can attach it to your belt with the attached belt clip. There is a small button in the top corner of the battery pack that goes through the different modes as well as turns the mask on or off.What I wasn't expecting was the battery pack to beep based on what mode you had the mask in. For example if you have it in the slow blink mode you will hear a beep each time the mask lights up and a pause when the light is off. On the solid red mode its a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep that can get somewhat annoying very quickly. If you are in a loud place you probably wont hear the beep, but when testing this out at home it was very apparent. I guess the point of the beep is to know what mode you are in, however I can tell that by whether my face is blinking fast or slow or not at all.The mask itself is made of a solid plastic that doesn't bend or lose shape. There is a half inch wide piece of elastic that holds the mask onto your face, I found the elastic to be very comfortable and it didn't pull or tug my hair which is a plus. The elastic is secured well to the sides of the mask so you don't have to worry about it breaking loose or coming off. Overall I am very pleased with the quality and design of this Saw Movie mask. I decided to wake my oldest daughter up for school this morning wearing this mask and she jumped out of bed. It was hilarious but she didn't think it was very funny. She vows to get me back soon and I'm sure she will. I purchased this product during a promotion at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.


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