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Neon Nightlife is your one-stop shop for today's most awe inspiring and exciting light up fashion accessories. Our products help normal people start conversations, get noticed and make friends.

We believe making new friends increases our sense of belonging and purpose in life. New friends come from starting a conversation which can sometimes be difficult. Our stylish light up fashion accessories are designed to ease your way in to that conversation by providing a colorful stand out ice breaker. Our fun products help create fun experiences.

Everything comes with a method. From the product design to engineering details, we create our product to turn heads, draw emotions, and build a conversation, rather than just a simple garment you wear.

From the fabric materials to the electronics, we aim for an efficient & green way of manufacturing. We embrace the feelings and thoughts of all people.

Any worries? We're always here to help make things right. We truly want to EARN your business and trust. You can easily get in touch via text, email, or Facebook live chat.

Neon Nightlife is an American owned brand. All products are proudly designed in the USA.

By purchasing our products you are supporting a small business and highly talented creative designers and quality workmanship. But it doesn't stop there. We take each purchase as a vote. A vote that our products are inspiring and you believe in our mission to bring people together. This sort of positive feedback does wonders in encouraging us to develop more awe inspiring products for you and the rest of the world to enjoy.